The Courage


Remaining Desires

I live with a pain, a bullet in my chest.
These good people are of no joy, I’ve seen the best.
I’m ready to take another bullet in my chest,
Those mediocre don’t matter when I’m already at my best.
I’ve seen the birds, ditching their own nests,
They didn’t care for young ones, leave the matter of the rest.
I’m drunk again today while I’m writing,
It’s myself with whom I’m fighting.
I had an aim to punch in the face,
Of the people who are my life’s biggest disgrace.
It’s not like I could just rhyme two sentences,
Remote is my vision with long ranged fences,
A bottle of whiskey can’t temper my senses,
Another failure adds up to my experiences,
It can neither narrow down nor limit my glances,
Towards the goal, are my only expanses,
It’s the mood on what my pen dances,
And for putting me down,
People don’t get much chances.
Because I kill ’em with my words, like a hot sword on butter,
My words to their mouths act like a shutter.
I’m drunk, sorry for each spelling,
No autocorrect in use, grammar takes on the rest of the dwellings.
Ego? Yes, because I’ve burnt myself in fire,
To get to the top to show ’em off is my only remaining desire.

By Vish

तुम ही हो।

मेरी ज़िंदगी एक उलझन है,

इसकी सुलझन तुम ही हो।

ये शब्द मेरे हैं लेकिन,

इनकी समझ तुम ही हो।

सभी इन पंक्तियों की चमक तुम ही हो।

बेवक्त जो लिखने बैठता हूँ कभी,

वो मेरी डायरी तुम ही हो।

कभी तुकभरी तो कभी बेतुकी,

ये मेरी शायरी तुम ही हो।

मसरूफ़ लमहों की सादगी,

ख़ाली वक़्त की आवारगी तुम ही हो।

मैं उड़ता हूँ कल्पनाओं में कहीं लेकिन,

मुझको ये उड़ाती हवा तुम ही हो।

मैं ठीक हूँ फ़िलहाल दुआ से,

पर मेरी दवा तुम ही हो।

बैठा होता हूँ मायूसी में फिर भी,

अंदर है जो आस वो तुम ही हो।

दूर यूँ तो हो गया हूँ ख़ुद से भी मैं,

कोई है जो पास वो तुम ही हो।

हूँ मामूली मैं एक इंसान मतलबी,

मुझमें जो है ख़ास वो तुम ही हो।

ये आँखों की ख़ामोश सी गहराई मेरी,

इनमें छुपा जो राज़ वो तुम ही हो।

और बीच कहीं दोनों कल की तलाश के,

जो है मेरा आज वो तुम ही हो।

हज़ार कोशिशों के बाद,

मेरे इश्क़ की इजाद तुम ही हो।

मेरी शकसियत की बुनियाद,

मेरी हर साँस की फ़रियाद तुम ही हो।

By- Vish


“What’s on your mind?”

Facebook asked me.

“What’s next?”

I asked to my brain.

“Future can’t be seen,” brain looked towards my heart.

“Downtime of the lifetime teaches a lot just in no time.”

Said the heart.

What’s next is generally the biggest question when life throws a big failure ball at you that seems rolling down like a big rock from mountain while you’re already descending, to shut you forever.

Now, common sense is not to stop right there. Keeping the pace on until you find the right place and the time to dodge the incoming danger is the only key to escape.

To evade from the dangers and walk towards a desired path that’s not for the taking currently, huge patience and credibility is required from the sufferer. This could be achieved through-

1. Watching things closely.

Nothing was planned, no one apparently plans a failure of course. Under this disappointment a huge level of observation is required. Observe the details, every inch of it. Deciding what to do would never work out if your observations are not up to the mark in the direction of your thoughts. Want to do, say “A,” you have to have a complete observation regarding all the aspects of A, risks involved and rate of success. Risks are often the part of life but the term “calculated risk” is not invented by some moron after all. Jumping from a bridge right away and with the safety measures have their own differences.

2. No one is and no one was wrong.

Didn’t like the people you’ve come across? Didn’t like your inputs? Blaming yourself or the others for your failure? Stop it right here.

Envy not only occupies a great portion of your thoughts but also hinders the part 1, observation. Your thoughts revolve around a small hemisphere in this case and your chances of achieving something out of the box minimises because your vision is narrowed down by hatred and curse.

You can’t ever reach a new place until you start moving and you can’t stay at this place because you’re already disowned, right? Pray for them too, move on.

3. Fulfilment is a rare truth.

“Fulfilment is a myth.”

Above statement is a myth but by just an edge. Probably no one around you is satisfied with their lives, most people don’t like the work they do and people who do like it ain’t happy with their personal lives. Doing what you’re best at doesn’t always earn you big bags but maybe utilising what you’re good at into something that could earn you big bags ought to take you slightly towards fulfilment. It’s never too late to find your interests and capabilities. Keeping yourself at the top in what you’re best at is a life goal that ought not to be rushed but nurtured and improved throughout the life while doing works that might sound odd.

Sooner or later, if you plan your life according to your interests, fulfilment will join you and not really at your retirement but during the phase of the life where there’s still much time to enjoy that fulfilment. So, PLAN-DEPLAN-REPLAN and #Repeat.

4. Get ready- NOT FOR THE SUCCESS.

As it wasn’t just planned and did hurt you a lot. Failure is never a one time unit and might come along a lot of the times. So, get yourself ready for further failures. After every suitable planning, not rushing it and taking your time before executing your plans the first attempt could possibly be a failure again! So could be the second, third and fourth attempt too. But starting to rush after simultaneous failures thinking that the time would eventually run away would help nothing but the miseries to further penetrate your life and destroy your living. Patience is the thing that should never be overlooked. Keep hopes alive like Sophia Anagnostou (6th Grade student who fought with a childhood cancer with success). Keep patience like a sniper (time will surely turn the flow of air in your favour). And keep fighting like a soldier (don’t look back, target is in front of you).

5. Success is already yours, don’t crave for it.

Some people just work round the clock in order to achieve success. Success has variable definitions, remember that old school teacher asking what success is? Your answer was turned down while the answer of the student next to you was designated as a bullseye, that’s not true! No one has right to vote down your own definition of success. The only truth is that success as you define is actually hard to achieve and that gives a feeling of frustration and humiliation after all that hard work.

Another way to look at it is feeling that success is present right with you, yes. Imagine! Daydream! Fake it! With all your mental abilities that you’ve got the success but maintaining it is required. Maintaining the success is actually a precision work, nothing wrong is affordable. But at the same side, not doing anything in the fear of doing it wrong ain’t affordable too. So, you have to do it and you have to do it right. This is only possible when you’re not afraid. Walk with chin up, sleep with chest towards roof. No fear should abate your plans and no plans should be puppet in the hands of fear.

Life is an oral gum,

Joy in the beginning,

It later feels dumb.

Events keep on adding like a mathematical sum.

Turns tasteless after a while,

Just don’t lose that smile.

Life’s the God’s mystical art,

Losing senses is the scary part.

It turns life into a scum,

You won’t ever get out of the miseries this way,

Just when you start to feel you’re done,

Life comes comes up with new burns.

Only way is to keep kicking,

Keeping yourself alive no matter if your past choices were dumb,

Because failure is nothing but a synonym of getting numb.

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Vishal Gaur