Standing Behind Me


Don’t Lurch

I’m back

I’m really sorry readers for being away for a while. I know I’m not consistent. I’m not a huge content generator, I write 10 posts a day, then 10days a post and sometimes it’s like 10 months a post. But! That’s what my writing is all about, it’s not inspirational, I write my life and convey it without catchy scenarios. I believe that’s not easy, but nothing in this world is easy for everyone, not even sleeping.

Well, being here and conveying my life without MUCH appreciation due to my irregularities and still being able to write since 30th Jan 2009 was never easy, it’s just me who always have backed myself, “No, your not outta content man, you CAN.”


Don’t forgive me for any wrong that I did because, I’M NOT SORRY and I’M NOT THE PERSON WHO’LL EVER SAY SORRY now because I’ve always found after saying sorry that, the mistake was never mine. 🙂


Sun in the day, stars at night.

Things are brighter,

You just need to sight the the right.

Remember what you missed that today you miss?

Remember the touch, talks and the first kiss?

Remember the things you needed and the things you still wish?

Even if you can’t tell,

Glance at your wallpaper,

It’ll tell you very well.

How far you’ve come today, not a kid anymore.

From spending to earning, you’ve learnt pretty much.

You’ve failed at times but got up,

Asked yourself,

“Persistent failure? There ain’t anything as such.”

It’s hard to smile today, I understand.

Not maybe because your heart is broken,

Maybe because your career is shaken.

Maybe because your dreams are larger,

Maybe you’re yet to withstand the dreams of your father.

Tap your chest rightly, ask yourself to get fine.

Even if the happiness and smile repel,

Glance at your wallpaper,

It’ll cheer you pretty well.

Harsh times?

Yes they come.

Are they fun?

No, they just come.

Are they compulsive?

Not really.

Are they painful?

Yes, merely.

If the pain is more?

Still merely.

How to treat them?

With love, dearly.

Yes it feels strange that how could someone love the hate.

Accept the hatred, don’t fight, don’t debate.

Let it cause the destruction first and then ask firmly,

“Are you happy now mate?”

Don’t expect any responses, don’t wait.

Move on, don’t get late.

Your desires are burning down, I see it.

Your tears are running down, I feel it.

Your vision is blurring out, I observed it.

Whenever you’re done with the tries,

Whenever you’re under the shadow of lies,

Cut out. Everything can’t be controlled,

Shattering? Let your heaven shatter.

You can always rebuild better.

But meanwhile,

When love has already failed and fell,

When your heaven is now the hell,

Don’t get disheartened,

No matter how stinky today you smell,

Glance at your wallpaper,

It’ll hug you pretty well.

Vishal Gaur


Today we make, tomorrow we break.

I’m talking about the thing that diminishes,

I’m talking about nothing else but promises.

That promise in the day,

I promise you a forever stay.

Goes dim in the night,

When they lose your sight,

When they feel just they’re right,

And you’re at folishness’s height.

That promise to love a lot, my kiddo, my baby, my love and my life.

Just disappear one fine day without a clue,

Water then looks different than your illusion of blue.

True colours appear my dear and you keep fearing out,

That what was shear, what was true has been wearing out.

You cry and shout and no matter how loud,

None would comfort even if you do so in the crowd.

Ain’t easy truly for a man to truly leave something that he truly meant.

To live under the shadow of reality that what he had just went.

But I assure you, you were true, you were right,

Losing doesn’t but what matters is that you gave your best fight.

Overwhelmed, stuffed, choked and heavy hearted,

But just sometime, trust me it’s going to be light.

Trust me you lacked nothing, again, you gave your best fight.

Promises all broken but ain’t it what it was always supposed to be?

Don’t feel that you took things for granted,

Either way, tomorrow if not today,

You’d have lost what you really wanted.

Did the time stop? No? Then why you’re slowing down?

You’re your leader not that person,

Get up king! Straighten up your crown.

Look in the sky mate,

Nothing’s there to wait,

Start ditching the worse, don’t settle for better,

And nothing has so far been late,

In your very hands to have a life that’s modest or great.

Vishal Gaur

अभी हारा तो नहीं

मैं था कोई झरना बहता सा,
आज रुकी एक झील हूँ।
थका सा हूँ फिर चलूँगा ज़रूर,
चलना तो फ़ितरत है मेरी,
मैं क़दम नहीं मैं मील हूँ।
ज़रूरत नहीं ना अपने लिए,
चलता हूँ बस अपनों के लिए,
चलता हूँ उनके सपनों के लिए,
चलता हूँ लेकिन हूँ मैं आवारा नहीं,
आज गिरा ही तो हूँ ज़रा सा,
मैं अभी हारा नहीं।

देखा इस सफ़र में हर तरह के लोगों को,
कुछ दुखों के साथ भी बड़ी शान से हैं रहते,
कुछ ख़ुशियों के अभाव में ख़ुद की ही जान हैं लेते।
कुछ कह देते हैं अक्सर तो कुछ चुप होकर हैं सहते,
कुछ पी जाते हैं दुःख तो कुछ के आँसू हैं बहते।
इन दोनों कुछ में कुछ आम सा है,
ये दुःख ही तो है जो काम का है,
सुख तो बस यूँ ही है, नाम का है।
सुख तो आता है चला जाता है,
दुःख तो बस आता है,
और हमेशा के लिए घर कर जाता है।
पर ख़ुशियों का इंतज़ार नहीं है,
मुझसे हैं मेरी ख़ुशियाँ,
मैं ख़ुशियों के द्वारा नहीं।
आज गिरा ही तो हूँ ज़रा सा,
मैं अभी हारा नहीं।

ये प्यार यूँ तो सदा नहीं होता,
मिला किसी को पूरा तो किसी को आधा,
किसी को हमसफ़र मिला तो किसी को बादा।
पर साथ छोड़ते नहीं देखा किसी को दोनों का,
तो कैसे कह दूँ किसका प्यार है ज़्यादा।
चेहरे तो अक्सर दुनिया में सबके हैं दो होते,
मैंने पत्थर हैं देखे पिघलते,
और मोम से हैं देखे लोग जलते।
यक़ीन हो तो किस पर?
मैंने देखा है अपनों को अपने निगलते।
कोई समंदर में फ़ँसा किनारे तक का साथ माँगता है,
आज कल कोई किसी से एक दिन तो कोई एक रात माँगता है।
पर ये साथ वक़्त के साथ नहीं रहता साथ,
इसीलिए हूँ मैं ज़िंदगी भर का साथ,
मैं कोई सहारा नहीं।
उठूँगा फिर मैं, क्या हुआ जो आज,
ये वक़्त हमारा नहीं।
क्या हुआ जो आज,
इसे मैं गवारा नहीं।
चल सकता हूँ अभी तुम्हारी कल्पनाओं से ज़्यादा,
तो क्या हुआ जो आज,
मंज़िल का पास नज़ारा नहीं।
आज गिरा ही तो हूँ ज़रा सा,
मैं अभी हारा नहीं।

Vishal Gaur