REBORN- The Next Level

I start this verse with an ongoing curse,
To my words those seem dull but it occurs,
With everyone and I’m not the one who’s specially any worse.
Reverse was my gear, my thoughts turned adverse.

I was fighting myself like an angry bird,
I was building a story with each of my word,
My words went down lately,
I was probably writing like a nerd,
But the stories, the paras remain unheard.
I’m still genuine, I’m living copyright of my works,
I’m living a life that I write under “shopmywords.”

Just a change in taste, and the words went waste.
I just didn’t know how I started to write in haste.
I might’ve been in need of a different liquor,
I was just sick of getting any further sicker.
My pen was craving for a plot,
But I had no real thoughts to give her.
I was just ruining my liver,
Even the last drop of the liquor, I was ready to lick her.
But the things seem to get better now, a bit quicker,
I’m able to build the plots again and I feel slicker,
The mental state is stable and now thoughts won’t flicker.

What I feel about the life today,
You run behind too many thoughts at a time,
I did it, I made a bundle of sick rhymes.
But this time, is the fix time,
In this time, I’ll just rhyme,
‘Cause there’s ain’t no next time.
Don’t advise, I’m more wise and I will rise.
I ain’t need your worse words for my verse,
I’ll better kiss mine.
And I’ll fix this time,
What I ruined the last time, in the past time.

Just forget that time, I’m not goin’ back to that again,
As I told you earlier, I’ll tell that again,
That past is past and it’s gone past in the past,
and the past never goes past round again.
Though it came too fast, I was like in a spell under cast,
Thankfully it didn’t last long, and I’m not ON,
To welcome that Scary Hound again.
What my acts lost and lacked was a fact,
And see now the fact, I’ve found again.
I’m gonna go back on the track,
And I’m never gonna drag,
Or pull the shit lines again,
I’ll stick to the responsibility,
To feed the world with my life again.

I past the primary, towards the tertiary,
I live in this phase of secondary time,
I’ll keep working for the sultry rhymes.
It ain’t no conclusion, or a solution yet this time.
It’s just an introduction,
To the new level, new junction of my future rhymes.

By Vish

Sulking In Sleeves

Every place that I leave,
Doesn’t help forgetting things and thus I weave,
These rhymes to find belief,
That I could get over but,
I’m tired of sulking in my sleeve.
I duel with the heart for what it keeps,
I keep a lock in it ’cause it beats.
And it keeps a memory of the time,
The time when love was sublime,
No regrets were part of the life,
Wish I could remake that life,
Wish I could just redesign.

I write my life,
But life’s just messed up and so thus the rhymes.
This time I’m here with another one alongside a goal,
To keep it clean as I always fail in this loop hole,
The F-word ain’t my choice and I wanna get away with it,
But I f****n’ feel it in my soul.
This whole,
Place is on fire,
Burning is my faith and already burnt is my desire.
I’ve been chewed up and spit out and designated as a liar,
Thus I vowed to write every single stitch,
As a living proof of the truth that has to be hired.

I don’t owe this world any single thing,
I’m just out here to be a better human being.
I don’t regret the decisions that I made,
Just I wish that time could revert back just like it fades.
I keep a pillow to hug and sleep still,
‘Cause I’m afraid of being alone and helpless as it’s outta my will.
I take time to accept the truth,
Not ’cause I’m unaware,
But ’cause my heart’s weak and I don’t wanna get it killed.

I don’t have a superpower,
But I have a true love to shower,
Over someone special in my life,
I cry while gripping my pen like a wife.
I spaz with the pen in my hand,
It vomit emotions like an after drink,
Completes a para before I could blink.

I started with sleeves sulking,
But I’m ending this with something,
That I care for is just one thing,
That whether or not I’m in your life,
Then let’s assume that I die,
Then whether I’m something or I’m nothing,
I’d fly over your roof showering,
All my love and happiness,
All heath and wealthiness,
I’d make the birds chant when you get up,
I’d make ’em sing.
With a wish to once again be the reason,
of the smile that your lips bring.
And I’d hope that you someday with a hope of me being there pick up your phone as it rings,
I might not be there but being able to cross your mind will be one of my best earnings.