Your body’s shrinking down as something grabbed you,
Your face is like a clown as someone slapped you.
Look your life go down in comparison with when someone backed you,
Now you’re alone in town and no one seem to help you.
How’s it feel now when no one since a week really felt you.
You miss the flowers bound on the table those someone sent you.
You miss the letters written for you,
You see the world now alone as anyone is with no more you.
You wish the pain subside and someone comes to hold you,
But none gonna do it this time miss it’s almost nine, yes I told you.
Oh! You got someone right now, but you know why they’re around,
Give ’em what they want once and see,
They’re gonna get disappeared once they get it and not gonna hold the ground.
‘Cause they’re not the ones who love you,
They’re there to hunt you down just like a scary hound,
And once they do it, you’re gonna run, away from sun, underground,
with a shame on your face under some cave so that,
You’re no more gonna be found.
Just fuck your world, it’s real just in a fairy tale,
In real, look down your eyes and see ’em turning pale,
You can’t even login in shame to read that mail,
Proud feeling for you has turned into a holy grail,
And you run after the things and every time you fail,
And don’t read it like you bought what I said, ’cause my words aren’t for sale.

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