It’s like a feeling or an inbuilt passion,
That I’m now dealing with immense emotions.
Left sleeping pills, no more in depression and in reflection I see myself potent and I love this impression.
And not a single caution I love to face when it comes to emotions.
Worries are there of being left out but no worries are left out without solutions,
That came up with you regardless of restrictions,
That’s how it functions, long ago when I wrote the Junction, words then were just intuitions, now they turned hot as two surfaces under the friction.
It’s life, yes it’s cruel, it promotes destruction.
It’s up to us whether or not we choose creation,
Yes, admiration comes with a notation to stay consistent and not to lose it under appreciation.
Time’s there for us two to build such a harmonious relationship but the time stays at no location,
It speeds up the gear while we stand at the station,
where we hope it would come with some passion, but freezing ain’t a part of the time’s equation.
Our failure is life’s favourite site,
You say you love me and I know that’s right,
Just keep it on, don’t fail, stand and fight with the life for your devotion to love despite the life hurts you to an enormous height.
Not to say the love has many imitations,
But when done right it leaves no limitations,
Not to be done with precautions,
It happens with the motion,
Rotation happens with time,
Might not every time it would be sublime,
But only factor is the feeling,
No rulers, no rules and no legislations.
No easiness life offers, offers no luxury.
It would want you to be
And to stay the newbee,
But you won’t be the newbee forever and it does hurts the life’s winning spree, yes you are free,
And not a mere slave in it’s hands so be what you want to be,
Don’t wait ’cause time’s up, can’t you see?
What you’re waiting for? Someone to call for you, or someone to count for you that too up to three?
You feel it would happen but trust me it won’t ever be.
And life would never be feeling good for you,
It cheers when you’re broken,
Down it goes when you go happy.
All Positivity had left me,
Before you came but since you have me,
I feel no disdain, and far is the pain.
What I conclude is that I was being played as a game,
I’m still myself, yes I am the same,
I’d forgotten what love meant, I’d even forgotten it’s name,
But it feels so right to be with you and you too show no fuckin’ shame,
No more complaints, and no more blames I put on self as no matter if I lost some waste,
I’m too composed and I’m too sane,
As since you came I’ve lost nothing but gained, a true love that doesn’t feel constrained.
My heart no more feels the strain,
No feeling of being fallen, no feeling of being brain drained,
That’s all with you what I’ve attained.
It’s the way I feel for the moments we together had so far,
Though I’m li’ll weak on my emotions, with you I feel the power,
It’s you whom I turn to every time, yes you are one.
With you this life ain’t no more a stress,
You love a lot, I believe it,
I know I’m a true mess, but trust me on this,
I don’t love you any less.
You came when things were so depressed,
You turned ’em into best and I feel blessed.
And what else I say for you,
Keep me all that I lay for you,
I’d not move an inch if you freeze up, yes I’d stay for you,
Ask me today to wait and after this date, turn up and look for me,
Get shocked to see me waiting all day for you,
Trust me I stay so away from God, though not an Atheist, but I do pray for you.
Trust my love, I’m not gonna play from you.
I’ve opened my mouth,
Words came running out,
They were dumped under some crappy frame of time, begging sunshine,
Now it feels like in some other world I came,
A better world, and I’m no more alone in that lane of mine.
Stay close, just stay by my side,
Just keep faith me and I promise to reside,
Just with you for life.
I’m no more hidden under the hood,
All due to you and all feels so good,
I’d love you forever ’cause I feel I should and I would not say much as I know that my “Life Understood” it pretty good.

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