In an unknown zone, walking alone,

Graveyard you call it,
Place is full of skulls and bones.
Bare hands, away from friends,
I was surrounded, literally grounded,
No place to hide, staying was suicide,
A crow then chanted,
“Go Away,” The world is haunted.
Walked off a grave, I acted so brave.
Craved, someone behind me,
Never heard in dreams,
In those kind of screams.
I turned behind me,
Just to find me,
It was me, standing tall,
Covered in mud,
weak and about to fall.
Was I already dead?
Or the sight was gone bad?
Seeing self,
As a stinky skunk,
Or a Rotten strawberry stack in shelf,
As someone slipped in swamp and sunk,
I questioned the spirit straight,
Tried to be legitimate,
What’s going by? I got a reply,
On is gone, come move along.
No fights, no debate,
Time’s right, nothing too late,
I’m your future,
See me like a mirror,
Why so hipe and why you rushed,
When someday in future,
You’re going to be crushed.
Lust, is the order of living,
No one cares for other’s well being,
I’m your thought, you’re the only person I’m seeing,
You’re going to be where, that’s all that you care,
While not being aware, where have you been!
Forgetting the past, you moved so fast,
Building the future, tapering the nature,
People who cared, you went past them,
Alone in the race, still come last and,
Tried to capture, that too the nature,
Failed and sat in anger, when nature proved vast then,
You moved on, kept moving on.
Look around you, so much is the gain.
Top on the food chain, but craving in the pain.
Because life isn’t what you define it,
You’ll be me, till you get to find it.
Now, move around and I’ll disappear,
Walk back, without any fear.
I turned around, felt on ground,
Tried to hear, there was no sound.
I looked back, that I was gone,
That I was then off and this I was on.
Was that a game? That just left me in shame.
I was then changed,
Still evaluate what I lost and what I gained,
But one thing’s for sure,
I’m never gonna see,
I’m Never gonna be me that old me again.
By –Vish

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