People came and called me a bane,
made me cry and posed me insane.
Thought I vanished under my pain,
caught themselves wrong,
when they read that “I Walk In Rain.
Called me noob, my acts as fury.
Thought they were right,
still they live in a fake glory.
I held head up, I’m never sorry,
I live my life, like a mystery,
I’m the “Shadow: A Strange Story.”
They watch me still, and hide again.
It hurts ’em, my face ain’t turned pale.
Took my heart, threw it down,
they felt they won, deserved a crown.
Love is second, materials are prime,
they proved it right and every time,
I rested my nerves, paused my rhyme,
and in the mean time,
wrote a tale, they call it “BLACKMAIL.”
They fired the gunshots, I had no cover,
I was still all alone,
when wrote the “Safar.”
I went restless,
careless being living cheerless,
gripped my head, hard I pressed,
they call me shameless,
I ignored, “She, The Faithless.”
I wrote the first time,
that’s back some time, in 2009,
and they called it a crime.
But it was fine, words weren’t divine,
But they blamed me up,
No hearings, just a decision,
I advise ’em, learn the diction,
hold a dictionary and find a word called “Inspiration.”
Told me forever what they wanted,
played the games, did the unwanted.
Thrashed the priorities that once I planted,
took my love, and my care,
only as the “Things For Granted.”
They argued without sense,
they didn’t feel my presence,
nonsense they talked, never did prove it,
I’ve made my mind now, to “Just Remove It.”
What togetherness means?
Just a BIG lie,
they made it clear, I am a fool,
took time to get what they did imply.
I’m fine, doing good, already had a good cry,
as I thought, they’d “Never Say Goodbye.”
Since the beginning, they were a part,
I didn’t realise, wasn’t that smart.
It hurts, yes it doesn’t feel great,
things those remain in my heart,
now “Feels Like Dart.”
They behaved as lord,
I turned into plinth,
I’m tough now, like a blacksmith,
time passed away, way too much,
doesn’t really matter,
I do feel, what I was with,
and I know right,
Time Will Heal, Is A Myth.
I love like blind, that’s a truth.
But I have a vision, that they can’t deny,
soon they thought, but I didn’t die,
I’m still alive, still high I fly,
I don’t see the waste,
I keep the attitude dry,
mark the words, I’m the “Eagle Eye.”
I stayed calm, did never shout,
I set self back, away from crowd,
while they were busy in posing a pout.
I came out, to realise a theory,
that “Time Dies Out.”
I let them in, never had a doubt,
they thought they talked, but they were so  loud.
I still never misbehave, to let them live is my only pledge.
Still they’re the one responsible,
That I’ve written this “OUTRAGE.

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