I hear,
I hear the tick tick,
It sounds as something flicks,
Over the wall and into some brick,
Penetrated, there’s a nail,
There it sticks, a clock,
Not a movement, but still,
Just a tick tock!
Doesn’t stop, doesn’t wait,
“Wait!” Who says that?
“I’m the battery, I could get you late.”
Hold on! Miss battery,
You could be replaced,
You’re not the only fate!
I could recharge you,
But I find it pretty waste.
“Freeze! You owe me to behave,
I’m not some fucking slave.
I cared you when were asleep,
I kept on going when you were awake,
I never let your time die, never let you cry,
I never let you crave.”
The clock says.
But not in my case,
Base of this stupid fairy tale,
Pale, you look from your face!
How’d you even make me cry and crave,
I’m your master, and I am too fucking brave.
-The clock stopped-
I told you, you’re not forever,
You could win from me, just never.
“I’m not forever,
Agree, but I didn’t die yet,
It’s mechanism of clock I bet.”
And I regret,
fought with battery, battery was my thoughts,
Forgot the clock, the only in the stock.
Clock is the life, life should just move.
Batteries are people,
Some stays long, some goes soon,
I’ve made my point, nothing’s left to prove.
The Author as a one man army.

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