This is a random thought:
when the weather gets cold at night
you remember the sweet memories and stop shivering.
you understand love only when you spend a whole night crying out at the roadside for someone who slept in with comfort.
you believe in yourself only after losing the greatest of the opportunities that life had once thrown at you.
you respect people only when people start disrespecting you.
you provide importance to life only when you’re about to die.
you remember God only when you’re in trouble.
you follow those who never give a damn regarding you.
you cry for those who love to laugh with someone else.
you fear the one you know the least.
you only waste the money that is not earned by you.
you ignore the people who cares the most for you.
you lie to those who trust you the most.
you trust on those who lie to you the most.
While writing this, I observed that you only write things that some day or the other would get lost in the crowd of words.
and you read until it’s over, when it’s over, it’s over.
Vishal Gaur

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