“Things For Granted”

“She was beautiful, lovely and watchful with her bold eyes. He was talented, geeky and reserved. They fell in love with each other, he started living a life that he never dreamed of. Nothing, whether it’s a feeling, a condition, a situation or a relationship is made to last forever. She changed him to be how she wanted him to be and then it was nothing in him for what she fell in. He changed for good but ended up being someone she never admired and apparently lost her. This story is about a beautiful young lady and not a Godlike guy but a person who had a heart of gold. This story is about a scenario when changing someone to fit in our lives doesn’t work out. This story is about the feelings that begin after losing someone. This story is about hangover that lasts longer than alcohol that is, the hangover losing love. This story is also about the things and sufferings we never realize when we’re in love, but couldn’t handle them when they strike back at the time when there’s no love left.”

Vishal Gaur

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