Oh no please! I’m not talkin’,
I’m just mokin’.
It’s my heart n’ I’m lockin’ it,
No more I’m clockin’ it.
Oh yeah every time,
I make up a rhyme,
Baby you’re the one, I follow,
And I always feel, the sorrow,
For the love I try, to borrow,
I fail and I feel like, I’m hollow.
Each time,
I hear my phone ringin’,
I forget what I’m thinkin’,
But it’s not you on there
Soon the sun settles with shine,
And the moon starts winkin’.
No I’m really not drinkin’
Only half a bottle n’ more I’m makin’
No! this time I’m not fakin’
Every sip that I’m takin’
Makes a picture of whom you datin’
It shatters my might,
And the situation goes tight,
I tried to make it light,
I tried to not fight,
I tried to lose your sight,
I tried to reach the height,
I tried to believe, you were right.
But I fell down,
That too hell down!
There was no one to decide,
Still no one to reside,
I’m alone on the streets, at the home,
There’s no one beside.
It acts like a shallow frustratin’ tune in my head,
I’m alive and yet acting like I’m dead.
I pray to God, to Almighty, to make me stop,
Stop having your dreams,
‘Cause blurred they seems.
There’s a demon inside me and also an angel,
You killed the latter one, twisted on an angle,
That fear on it’s mind caught it on it’s ankle,
Angel died a bad death,
Then it never caught a hope
Nor it had any scope,
To recover anymore,
I know you’ve got a score,
I had only one,
You made it zero.
I ended like that angel,
When I tried to be your hero.
Content creator: Vishal Gaur

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