Face the reality,
Love ain’t gravity,
Don’t fall for it,
Never call for it,
Make a wall for it,
Don’t recall of it.
How much we believe on them,
How much we leave on them,
Neither we deceive them,
Nor we receive them.
Time has it’s own pace,
God has his own grace,
No matter if you race,
You’ll lose if you chase.
Goods; you achieve for ’em,
Bads; you retrieve for ’em,
Not much love,
you may weave for ’em,
‘Cause they’re gonna thieve from you,
Your life,
When you try to perceive for ’em.
Let’s move it chuck, little old kid you;
‘Cause you’re gonna lose it,
Either way you move it,
Lad, if you’ve still got that love,
Mark my words, just remove it.

Content creator: Vishal Gaur

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