We, the human beings are the wonderful and one of the most finest creatures on this planet earth, who have the ability to think, make, create and pursue. But, many a times, we fall apart, we have received a gift from nature i.e, ability to sense and act but nothing comes without side set-ups, so we’ve got the emotions which may prove to be handy if used carefully and also may cause disasters if not controlled. Our planet not only consists of human beings but also many of the other living beings. Birds are the ones which fly and eagle is considered as one of the most fearful bird which may even defy the heights one can think of.

Many of us hide under umbrella or a rain coat or under a shelter to enshroud ourselves being alter from falling rain, but do you know what eagle does? It fly above the clouds. This shows how determinant this lethal bird is. Eagle watches it’s prey from miles of height and fall accurately over it, coming down at the pace of hundreds of miles/hour without caring of it’s own life and anything that comes in between those two points i.e., eagle itself and it’s prey, which is again fearful to imagine.

What I’m talking about is not just a bird, but what it symbolize. Sticking to the true hardship and concentration without falling back and without taking eyes off your goal until you reach it is the key to success.

Many distractions like love, emotions, envy, hatred, relationships, time limit, etc. would cross your way to test you on different occasions, it’s you who have to decide, whether those distractions or the goal is important in your life. We all love, we all fail, we all cry, but does this need to be carried? Yes, we’re not eagle, we have a very strong brain which does not forget the things easily but there’s a right time and time limit for everything, if something is causing hindrance in your path you must be over thinking it that much that you’ve exceeded the time limit i.e., the time which is allowable to provide for that particular thing or emotion, we all have to move on sometimes, without desire and sometimes, without any need, just to focus on our goals as they’re going to give us pleasure in long term. It is very important for us to set the long term goals in stead of shorter ones. Keep an eye on your goal, do the needful, and also some of the unnecessary acts just as to provide yourself some peace.

Never fall in love, if you do, never regret it. Never keep something more prior to your goal, if you do, make it your goal. Love cannot be replaced and you need not to be replacing it anyway, stay loyal, to your love, hobbies, goal and most importantly, yourself.

Everyone is a dreamer, we all dream, to be successful, to attain luxury, to cherish the joy of a loyal lover, to own great assets and so on, but it’s the true dedication, uninterrupted concentration and uncompromising hard work that it takes to reach the point in your life when your dream transforms into the reality. This is so easily possible and even more easily an impossible task to achieve, it just depends on your priorities, your views, your determination and you being able to decide what you really want. What you need is a compulsion like, a nice job or business to take care of your expenses, are all your needs, but goal is certainly not what you need, it lies somewhere deep down under your desires, what you want is more important than what you need and you just have to understand the difference between the former and the latter terminologies. Like an eagle, that defies gravity, you have to defy your comfort, nothing is going to arrive begging for you to own it inside your comfort zone, you have to grab it, as what you want, will always run away from you.

Don’t try to sit back and hold the things, just get up and run behind them to stay with them, as desires are like raw sand that slips off when you try to grab it in your fist. Don’t be a parsimonious bird in the nest, be a fearless, strong and determinant eagle. Don’t trust blindly even on yourself, keep an eagle view(i.e., the sixth sense) to sense whatever is around you. You can beat eagle in it’s own turf as you have several advantages over an eagle, eagle sees RED as enemy, BLUE as ally and WHITE as the source of information but, you have a wide range of vision and even wider range of possibilities, and among all those possibilities I’d again remind you that it’s the PRIORITY you provide to a certain thing and the most prior entity is seen as THE GOAL.

Vishal Kumar Gaur

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