Where Harry first saw him, Harry stood there for a while checking that old man as he walked towards his apartment and looking here and there before unlocking the door. When his eyes caught Harry, he locked the door back again and shouted, “you son of a bitch don’t you have any work, dare you come to the street again and I’ll kill you”.

It stunned Harry and he ran back towards his home and vowed to never go towards apartment number 21 at 7 street when the old man is around.

I looked into the clock which was knocking at 7:00am and got up to take a bath and sat down to read newspaper after that.

13th June 1971, Bristol Times, London.
A mysterious killing shocked the city last night, a killer went on killing 4 people in a family and only a 3 year old child survived who was sleeping at the time of incident. Detective Robson and his team are still not able to find any clue on the incident which took place at the apartment number 13 on 7 street…

I stood up to leave for my office at Bristol near the Bristol Grammar School where Harry studied. I once caught him doing drugs and never allowed him to do so again. He became friend of mine as he was a bit scared of me as a detective and informed me of any drug activities on school which brought me to the peak of newspaper headlines which says A young detective Stefan Robson cleaned up drug Mafia saving thousands of children. It pleased me but also made me realise how genuine this boy Harry is.

Harry told me about that strange old man and I researched on him just to end up with a broken script that he is about 46 years old and was fired from a mill because he beaten a co worker with iron rod when he was 30 which was enough to lock him behind the bars for 15 years and is now unemployed. It was strange that he drove his own old Bugatti without earning a single penny.

“Any proceedings Mr. Robson?”
“Not actually sir, I’m still studying the details”, I replied to a Commander in Chief who was specially brought to Bristol from London for this brutal murder mystery killing a lady, her husband, their 9 year old daughter and a 7 year old son. Third child was secured but due to him being just 3 year old and yet to be named, he was brought no further in scene and was sent in care of an NGO.

Blood stains, knife without any finger print, floor without a boot print except that of family members,  no hair strings which could be used for DNA detection.
This was what  I got in hand with this case and was left without a choice but to sit and think.

“He leaves with his Bugatti every night at eight and maybe he return at midnight as I never saw him coming back but saw his Bugatti well parked every morning when I leave for the school. Well my dad have got a transfer see I’ve my air tickets”, Harry swung his hand in joy at me with the air tickets and went running inside the school building.

Enough for being a suspect I guess? I started following the old man named Justin Kutcher

He hits the Malooni Bar every night and then disappears, he returned via taxi to drive his Bugatti back home at 1:00am and it continued every night. He was smart but not enough to fool a detective.

I caught his glance moving into the back hall and running out of the window oh Malooni Bar. I followed him and found him purchasing drugs from a street paddler, then he went on doing drugs and later I got to see him walking into a hotel with a street prostitute. Hotel Zingo’s manager informed me he came there every night since 2 years. That’s the time he is been out of the bars.

So the suspect number one somehow managed to prove him strange but not guilty. My next suspect was a serial killer David Walter whose activities went unnoticed after he was out of the bars.
I followed him too, and found him stealing in a shop on the point of knife in front of my eyes but when I went closer he ran away after swiftly rushing that knife around the shopkeeper which would’ve killed him if I was not there for the rescue but saving him caused me to loose Walter as he disappeared.

I studied the killings Walter did,

Killed 3 in a family, raped the daughter and killed her afterwards.
Killed two orphans of a family after raping each of them.

It sounded more a lust and pervert sort of case which was the only difference as the present case did not report and molestation.
Abducted a girl from street just to kill her and later went her home to kill all her family.

This one actually stunned me as he didn’t attempt any rape in this case, he was just fond of killing and in his case, whole family becomes the victim.

In the third case he left a 6 months child alive which bought me in attention.

He was staying in Hotel Royal with the name of Franklin Ambrose, a retired firefighter. But his age made the receptionist to suspect and he called my office when he found the identity a bit strange. There was only one retired Franklin Ambrose in air force who was still alive and was living his last days in London. I called my Chief and said, “the case is closed”
We arrested the killer and I was again in the news.

I was relaxed until I got a call from Harry this morning.

“Sir, his Bugatti is not parked but the door is open, though I didn’t proceed as I’m scared of him like hell”, Harry spoke quickly and hung up.

Later that day, we charged David for an attempt to murder and stealing, arrested Justin Kutcher for the murder of whole family and apologised the civilians and government for initial faults.
What surprised everyone was that I arrested a hotel receptionist for hiding the evidences.
“How did you get that point? Anyone being at your place would have assumed the case to be closed and had never given a second thought to it,” said the Chief.

“This anyone is Robson sir, Stefan Robson,” I smiled and left the office.

I left a note for Chief to understand what had happened which he took with him and read after he was at London.

19th June 1971
From Stefan Robson
To the Chief Commander.

A boy who is a BGS  student informed me on this morning that the door of apartment number 21 at 7 street is unlocked but the owner’s car wasn’t seen since the night. Owner was my prime suspect in the case named Justin Kutcher, I inquired to find out that he was out of the bars just two years back as he attempted to kill his co worker at mill. Later I found him strange but not guilty as I followed him 2 nights after he left home at 2000 hours for Malooni Bar and slipped away for returning via taxi at 1220 hours to drive his car back home by 1000 hours. Next night I saw followed him more strongly and saw him purchasing drugs and entering Zingo Hotel with a prostitute and taking taxi back to Malooni for driving his car back home so I thought he might have done some awful drugs that caused him not returning back this morning. I then studied the second suspect which was now my prime suspect, David Walter. His way of murdering matched with the scene and I saw him attempting a murder at shop so it cleared my mind on one thing that his will for murdering people is still there, he became a strong victim when I arrested him and he said that he committed the crime. Which later proved to be wrong as he accepted it just because he loved to be in relationship with murders. Justin saw me following him and he hid under the backdoor carriage of Malooni and slipped into a taxi when he saw me going out, he paid the driver enough sum that he agreed to drive him away and back to the bar after few hours where I saw him driving Bugatti back to home. Later he lured me to follow him the next night and created the whole story of drugs, prostitute and Hotel Zingo, he paid the receptionist of Zingo for giving me wrong information which I considered to be correct. When I reached Kutcher’s apartment I saw a diary on his desk which contained information of Robin Jason, the man who was murdered with his family. I came to know from the diary that Jason was the mill worker whom Kutcher assaulted. Kutcher later told me that Jason was blackmailing him as he filed forged documents to claim the property of his father which states “every penny will go to orphanage trust if my son is discovered with any criminal records”. Kutcher knew that a serial killer would be a soft suspect so he murdered the whole family just like David did as Kutcher strongly studied his cases for a year.  I later found an opened envelope with every word scratched and teared but I called Bristol airlines as soon as I saw it. I saw that envelope in the hand of that BGS boy which was enclosing his air tickets. Bristol airlines told me its for only flight added this week which flies out of the country and according to the time they told, I still had an hour to catch the Kutcher. When Kutcher saw me, he said “you are a great detective I never thought in my dreams that you’d catch up with my incomplete clue”. He left it to tease me. What’s next, the case is closed forever.


I was about to leave when my phone rang.

“You are great Officer Stefan Robson,” I heard the voice of Chief.
“Thank you sir, and sorry to say but I’ve to leave, a murder has been reported,” I replied.
“They don’t need me this time, soon murders won’t happen when the criminal minds starts to become aware of the fear of detective Robson of Bristol” he said.
“Kutcher was just a medium sir, BLACKMAIL killed them” I said and hung up the phone before leaving.

Written and published by Vishal Gaur


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