Plenty of roses, waving in the garden, calling me up to pick one for you.
They were all beautiful, sweet, innocent and I had to choose one without any clue.
With a fact that they might be all that good stuff but not as good as you.

I was standing still in front of them when the sun was shining and the sky was blue.
I was unable to chose one as I said before, what I lacked was a clue.

I went to the other aspects,
the red one reminded me of the way you look at me.
I believe that it was the one was the one on which I have a crush.
But still no match to your eyes those made me blush.

The yellow one was light, simple and soothing, calling me over.
But it was no match to your smile as I went closer.

The white one that I saw was quiet in the corner,
it was calm in nature and delivered a tempting fragrance.
But there was a glitch and it was nowhere near your innocence.

Running through roses I came to know a fact.
No matter whether or not the choices I make remain intact.
I am so addicted to you that nothing could seem to be better you.
My only aim is to love you forever. And to do it greater than you :*

P.S. Happy Rose Day To You ❤


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