Until today, I never faced this issue, but as soon as the issue arrived, I found a way out.

My Case:
Battery life was annoying me, so I thought about resetting my Nokia Asha 210 (Dual Sim).
I got two codes on web as follows:
Soft Reset: *#7780#
Hard Reset: *#7370#

I selected *#7370# and when my phone restarted, I thought I’m done. But no, these apps were not even opening:
Mail Exch.

And Youtube andWhatsapp and also Internet app were hanging my phone until I reboot it again.

Hunted out the web and found one mistake I did.

I did not make a backup of all Apps, Games, etc. Before that reset.

And now there are two ways to resolve it when you encounter the same.

Way 1:
Make a complete backup of your phone before you reset by going into
Menu»Settings»Sync & Backup»Create Backup.

If you encounter problems after reset, just run the backup you have made.

Way 2:
If you did it without thinking over the consequences just like I did and do not have any backup.

You may go out of your home and search a friend who has the same handset as your’s.
Now create a backup in his/her phone using the mathod given in Way 1 and transfer that backup in your phone, run the backup afterwards and you are resolved.

Though you have to reset your Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook etc. As the person who gave you backup, their account will operate in your phone until you reset.

But anyhow if you do not find a friend who has that same model as your’s, you may try the backup of any other Asha series meanwhile you approach Nokia Care center. They will provide you with updated new firmware.

Do not try to install firmwares yourself, as it is not an android phone and you may brick it if you do.

Master Way: Never Panic.

Vishal Gaur


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