Being in a country like India, where throughout my childhood, I was taught, “All Indians are my brothers and SISTERS“, when I grew up, I soon came across this bitter truth called RAPE prevailing in our society (right from lower class to extremely upper class as we say today), slums, villages, developed cities, under developed cities, developing cities and any other which you may practically think of, because none of the place is free from this brutal offence against women.

Also being so close to a territory designated as Rape Capital of India by the media, which apparently is the capital of India, makes me feel even more heart broken.

This feeling is what led me here to express about it. I know, my feelings won’t change the things around me. But I have a hope that some day everyone will be feeling like me and this brutal crime will not exist in this nation then.

Why and how this critical crime against women is increasing day by day even after the implementation of strict laws and orders?

The reason is, laws alone do not stop crime, its the mentality of a criminal mind which has to be targeted or triggered.
I did not say that Laws are good for nothing, but alone, they are helpless.
Well, it took a second for me to write, but mentality may or may not be changed in this short duration. Yes, you read it right, mentality may change within a second, but may also take a life time to get toggled up.

It is not the matter of THINK & COMMENT rather it is the matter of ACT & REACT.

Why women have started to feel that there’s no place left for them to live without fear? It is shame for the whole nation if women start thinking that way.
Why can’t they live free when our country is free?
Why they can’t dress the way they want without fear?
Why they can’t walk out alone in the dark with confidence?
Ain’t they belong to human race? Yes,of course they do.
Then why can’t they?
Why do girls get cheap comments from strangers?
Why they are targeted on the name of dressing?

We all know that even the most “what they call as“, Holistically dressed up girls have got the same issues. So, on the very first point, dressing is not an issue, rather just an excuse to divert the attention from the real cause i.e., Cheap and Ill Mentality.

There’s so much outrage this time, and outrage can change things. But the conviction of these few rapists is clearly not enough, sexual violence runs deep in every city and unless we deal with the source, it’ll continue to pour forth.

Here are some changes that I’d like to see.

– Attitude towards women rights should be changed. They have got equal rights like any other being in any particular region, state, or country. Women, so far in our country are not treated with what they deserve to be treated. Also, actors in the criminal justice system for the opposite, i.e discriminatory behaviour should be penalised.

– Some ill minds can not be treated, but we may keep them silent at least. We can create awareness right from the beginning, from schools, children should be taught about equality and respect that a woman should be granted with. Equal trainings should be given right from start, motivation and awareness are must for young children and grown up youth, as they are the future of our country, if they are well mannered, country will soon be a place next to heaven for not only women but everyone living in the country.

Reform criminal justice system:
The low conviction rate for rape (some figures show only 27% convictions) is also why rapists are not that scared and victims reluctant to go to court. Police reforms have been waiting to be implemented since the 1980s. Police need better investigation methods, find the right guy, ways to preserve evidence. We don’t have proper witness protections programmes, or the best prosecutors (though the victim’s lawyer being allowed to be present now helps somewhat).

-Some of the important changes like quicker trials enabled by more judges and courtrooms reforms the whole criminal justice system needs.
Also you have to have to be able to complain effectively if your prosecutor is not competent or has been bribed.

– In terms of the law, we need a more comprehensive definition of sexual violence , critical amendments to the Code of Criminal Procedure that will reduce the time taken for trials, fast track courts for sexual assault cases, harsher punishments and a serious programme of police reform and

All of these are doable, and all are equally crucial (not just for better implementation but also to signal the seriousness with which such crimes should be viewed).

Unfortunately, it appears to be little political will for any of these measures, which is where the media and the powerful voice of public and not only youth (spirited citizens will have to act) is needed.

It is also been noticed that many rape victims are unlikely to report to the police because of the unawareness, public humiliation and rigidness of the
law. There should be a proper incognito procedure for them to report without being exposed in front of anyone until they are to be called in the courtroom. And if somehow they get exposed in the eyes of culprit(s), they should be provided with proper police protection. And when i say PROPER, i mean it.

On the other hand it feels so bad to suggest a remedy for a situation after assault because at the very first place this offence should not happen at all. But since everything should be made and subjected keeping in mind the worst senario, I have suggested what should be done later, but only after suggesting the prevention and a need & measure to change the mentality.

On closing note, this ain’t a comparision or any debate on Mentality vs Law, laws are to be enforced for maintaining fear before crime takes place and strictly harsh punishments after it. On the other hand, a menality change would ensure a complete stoppage in these crimes and offences.
This article suggests both of them should work in co-ordination with each other.

Admin note:
I have not discussed any particular cases because I feel that highlighting any particular victim(s) will be unfair to those who are left without being noticed and/or reported.

Vishal Gaur

Readers, provide your valuable feedbacks in comment box.
Also the important suggestions will be appreciated on mail given below.


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