Hardwork, Trust & Heartbreak

Different yet related tiny tales.

The Bird

In my opinion, we all love peace in our lives at one or the other point. How many of us have never felt the need of a peaceful life or environment with no noisy surroundings whatsoever after a party or dancing for hours on loud music at a pub?

One of the most peaceful environments that one could easily get is a garden that could be found public places or at home. Well, not everyone has it, not everyone owns a home either. Many public gardens are paid to visit for the reason that they’re important and some for the other reasons that I’m not hear to discuss.

I was seated in my backyard enjoying my time with the nature and looked towards a tree. I watched a bird there almost everyday. That day I saw it again building a nest alone singlehanded. She was accompanied by her baby birds, a nice little family. Baby birds were yet to learn flying. I watched her everyday building its nest and many a times wished that I was a bird and lived there as the nest started to look really attractive after construction. But I was unaware of the hardships they faced.

We human beings build everything with our strong hands, huge machines, brain and manpower but birds does it with their beak, mouth, picking up every light wooden particles on the ground(not hurting trees for it).

One day I came running at home as it was raining outside and I had not wanted my books to bear the rainy slaps. As I said, we human beings are pretty strong creatures who don’t get affected by the rain and most people love to have it falling on their face. As soon as the rain subsided, I went again in my backyard to see again how the birds were doing.

I found no nest there on the tree, just a few broken pieces of wood lying on the ground, a dead baby bird and nothing else literally. I checked the baby bird and she was dead already, I cried while burying it into the same ground she was lying. The mother bird never returned, nor the other baby bird she had, maybe she’d to fly to some safe house putting that baby bird in her mouth. Unfortunately for a mother, she had just one mouth. Whether she reached a safe place or not is a mystery itself.

We love someone, sometimes we leave them and sometimes they leave us. Sometimes for a better place, sometimes for a better person as grass is always greener on the other side. One leaving enjoys the life and the one being left feels that the life is over because they just couldn’t figure out the real meaning of the life. We learn the meaning of hardwork in schools but the practical definition is the life of these tiny little birds. Their hardwork gets destroyed by rain or any other dangerous creature or sometimes humans, but they don’t sit back. After a month I saw a new bird, starting to build the nest on same tree and her body language then looked like as if she was saying to God, “This is my home and I’m going to live here no matter what you do to push me out.”

The Beggar

Everyday on my way to office and never while returning I saw a beggar who reluctantly asked for ₹5/- but I’d never given him a single penny due to lack of trust and scams. One day I decided to offer him a ₹1/- coin, but he refused to take it saying that he either needed at least ₹5/- or none. I moved on providing him nothing but he kept on demanding in the same fashion everyday, though he never followed me and never asked it more than once at a time.

One day I was really happy as I got promoted and when I crossed the path of that beggar he was for the first time standing there when I was returning back from work. I handed him a ₹10/- note. He returned ₹5/- to me, I was stunned. I decided to ask him the reason and asked it out. He replied with something extraordinary. He earned through odd jobs only that much that he could eat one time and fed his wife and a seven years old daughter. He saved ₹20/- for his daughter’s future instead of eating the second time meal and in the end needed those extra ₹5/- to purchase an ice cream for her daughter as it made her happy. I got immediate goosebumps by knowing that the guy was not begging money but he was begging his daughter’s happiness. He said that as soon as he got ₹5/- he’d stopped begging for the day and that’s why most of the times he was not there while I returned and sometimes when he was, I didn’t notice. The amount he was saving for her daughter’s education and marriage everyday was equivalent to the one had blown every half or a complete hour in blowing fags. After that day, I lended him ₹5/- in the morning everyday so that he could leave out to do the odd jobs as soon as possible and earned some more money for his daughter’s future. But after a month, I never saw that beggar again, never tried to inquire as it was none of my business. Although, some pieces of memories always hit back.

The Common Man

I’d tell about a common man and that’s me. I saw the birds, enjoyed watching them building their nests, watched them dead and dying in my life. I was too helpless to do anything except showing just mere sympathy towards them.

I felt something fishy when I didn’t see that beggar again but did nothing as I didn’t want troubles even if a fraction of my trouble could dilute tons of troubles of someone else’s life.

I’ve seen the blind people crossing roads everyday, they seldom fails to do so. I’ve seen people with the eyes in trouble while crossing roads. I’ve seen peiests in temples with immense knowledge and ones with immense brain to fool others too.

Now you decide,

Who faces the problems?

Who deserve love?

Are our problems huge?

Don’t we exaggerate at times?

Well, I’d say that being a common man is the easiest job on planet. We work for others for whole our lives. We don’t understand the factthat crying over a divorce or lost love is nothing in front of watching someone you love dying and even worse when you couldn’t even watch them dying, just a news, and in both the cases you’re just as helpless to do anything. Watching your home getting demolished and you have no one to blame but God is much painful than not getting a call being answered by the one moving away from you.

Life isn’t easy in itself, I agree. But people who run away from actual troubles and cry over little things don’t deserv the life either. Nothing is greater than KARMA and only that would remain as a memory of other regarding you after you pass out.

Post By Vish




It’s not the day you die, but too many times in your life,
It’s not someone sitting beside,
It’s you who’s leisurely beheading yourself with the knife,
You’re Committing Suicide.

When you smoke in chain, you’re committing suicide.
When you drink in pain, you’re committing suicide.
When you think insane, you’re committing suicide.
When your tears, you drain in rain, you’re committing suicide.

When you walk away, you’re committing suicide.
When you come too close, you’re committing suicide.
When you don’t move and hold and you don’t let go,
You’re committing suicide.
When you stay key-low to not let the rest know,
You’re committing suicide.
When you turn your life in a live show,
You’re committing suicide.

I moved on too many times,
I weaved up too many rhymes,
Now I got to know that these are the signs,
When you walk with the sorrow side by side,
You’re committing suicide.

Like a hundred tons over my head,
When I write the crap, doesn’t mean that I’m sad,
But concerned for a time that’s a century ahead,
When you’ll be the victim of your choices,
If you start to search for a place to hide,
You’re committing suicide.

I walked down on a stranger street,
No one to talk, no one to treat,
No one to walk with, no one to greet,
Ears plugged in and being played was a beat,
Passed a rider with a three figure speed,
You don’t really care, or you’re not aware? It’s not a ride,
You’re committing suicide.

I laugh sometimes for no reason in real,
Yes! I do, just the face doesn’t feel,
It’s random and not my mood that it reveals,
But doomed is my life,
Random laughter ain’t no big deal.
But when it’s like,
For the one thing more than once you cried,
And your cries come up to the random side,
You’re committing suicide.

Since two decades many things have passed,
Poised are my words, my brain is harassed,
Still no complaints, no reasons I’ve asked,
Like why you did that,
Like why you did so,
Like why tit is for tat,
Or like why people let people go?
‘Cause when you open the question bank up too wide,
You’re committing suicide.

When you stay quiet,
You’re committing suicide.
When you start to kill your might,
You’re committing suicide.
When you follow the wrong,
You’re committing suicide.
When you keep repeating a song,
With the one you keep crying on,
With some drink along for all day long,
You answer no calls,
And the doorbell keeps doing ding dong,
You’re committing suicide.
When become so lost and unfound,
That you don’t recognize any sound,
When you become an image you hate,
Like I told you back in the “Scary Hound,”
You’re committing suicide.

Don’t put this life on test,
Don’t end up yourself, I request,
You can still give your best.
I conclude the rest;
Some things could never be right,
Like crying alone,
Like not caring what you own,
Like rejecting a call from home,
Like wrongly feeling disowned,
Like staying up crying all the night,
Like little things making serious fight,
Like the ego being piled up to an enormous height,
Or like the habit of keeping just negatives in sight.

Pick the crown, you’re the King of your life,
Have fun and laugh and the pain will subside,
Positivity kills the sorrows, they divide,
It’s not the half that’s gone, it’s the half that’s on,
There’s still some time to rethink and decide.
It’s all your life that it takes,
It’s your very own heart that every second it breaks,
To be on an aimless ride,
With no destiny, no one to guide.
So, it’s time to TOP and it’s time to STOP,
To continue committing suicide.


By Vish